TRIPAK SuperLubricants

TriPak ProductsTRIPAK Superlubricants is a wholly owned Canadian Corporation with its business directives aimed at the manufacturing & marketing of “Super Anti-Wear Lubricants” under the trade name

TRIPAK Superlubricants exports to markets & distribution centers in Europe, China, Vietnam, Ecuador, Kenya from its home base in Canada. Our blending facility is located in Alberta. It has been a family owned & operated business since our inception into Canada, in 1984.

Many industries & fleets around the world have tested & proven TRIPAK Superlubricants to be very cost effective in lubricants. The price on the product is very reasonable.

TRIPAK Superlubricants is an all petroleum Anti-Friction Metal Treatment that enhances the lubricating capabilities of all known oils & lubricants and is fully compatible with natural or synthetic lubricants. TRIPAK Superlubricants will reduce engine wear more effectively than virtually any other oil, nearly eliminating the initial scuffing that occurs at start-up.

We carry an all-season high performance grease called MEGALUBEMEGALUBE all-season grease will pump at -40º. TRIPAK Diesel Conditioner has a higher cetane booster and the TRIPAK Gas Conditioner has a higher octane booster. This will give you energy from more complete combustion in the engine, resulting in more power, a cleaner engine and an increase in mileage, all while reducing toxic emissions.

What makes our products so good is that it reduces friction (improved over all performance), lowers operating temperatures, reduces wear (longer service life for engine), contributes to increased fuel economy, helps maintain maximum compression & horsepower, and DOES NOT contain any solid particles like PTFE (Teflon) moly, lead, graphite or any other solids, which may cause harmful buildup.

6 thoughts on “TRIPAK SuperLubricants”

  1. We where stunned to find this in Canada! Tri Pak.
    In Sweden whe have a distributor ho has given up..
    We LOVE this product since many,many years!!! We whant to now the history/trouth about this.We are very happy to find Tripaks origin?

    We whant it to Sweden !!!!!!!

    Mr Ingemar Jansson


    When can we call you???????Dont now what days you work ?
    Its Christmas Holiday in Sweden,and Canada?

    1. Hello there, I apologize for the delayed response. Tripak has been going through some management changes in the last while and we hope to serve our customers better in the future! We’re very excited that you use Tripak and we’d love to hear from you. Please email Lorne ( for more information.

      – Ashley

  2. When I first used your great products, as I was anticipating a long road trip- *driving a 1984 Honda Civic. w/ 37 mph freeway.
    I applied the metal treatment (8 oz) to my existing oil, and the (2 oz)
    measure for a full tank of fuel, all during the trip I noticed a smoother
    running engine and recorded 44 mph. a noticable increase!
    I used LDL#1 on firearms with improved performance and ease of cleaning.
    I’m still talking about your products to this day.
    Wes Williams

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