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LDL 1 All Purpose Penetrant

Product Description

LDL 1 is an effective all-purpose penetrant and dielectric lubricant. It treats metal surfaces to create a long-lasting barrier against electrical leakage and corrosion in damp conditions.


Penetrates Rust and Corrosion. LDL 1 removes rust and corrosion from metal surfaces, improving electrical efficiency and conductivity.

Shields Against Moisture. LDL 1 creates a barrier against moisture on electrical components, preventing further corrosion build-up. It also seals metal surfaces with an extreme pressure barrier to reduce friction, heat, and wear.

Insulates. LDL 1 forms a protective shield to help prevent electrical leakage in damp conditions.

Cleans and Protects Metal Surfaces. LDL 1 cleans metal surfaces and leaves behind a barrier that helps prevent further corrosion and wear.

Lubricates Sticky Mechanisms. LDL 1 seals the metal with a long-lasting extreme pressure barrier that allows metal parts to move smoothly.


Spray or wipe LDL 1 onto the surface or unit to be treated. Apply to remove corrosion and moisture. Re-apply every maintenance period to help prevent corrosion, reduce wear, and prevent electrical failure. LDL 1 retains its effectiveness from -30°C (-22°F) to 200°C (392°F).

Technical Data Sheet