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AFMT Engine Treatment 32 oz

Product Description

AFMT Engine Treatment is an engine oil additive that creates a nano-barrier to protect and seal metal surfaces. This barrier reduces friction and offers protection under extreme pressure.


Reduces downtime. AFMT protects all metal surfaces from excessive wear caused by cold starts and high mileage. This reduced wear increases the life of the treated surfaces.

Reduces friction, heat, and wear. AFMT’s nano-barrier limits peaks and valleys in the metal which reduces friction. Reducing friction limits heat and wear on metal surfaces.

Improves power efficiency. AFMT-treated metal surfaces move more freely with less effort. This results in increased MPG, lower fuel consumption, and a quieter, smooth-running engine.

Shields against corrosion and build-up. AFMT cleans metal surfaces, getting rid of carbon build-up, then seals and treats it to prevent corrosion and rust. 


Add 1 ounce for every 12 ounces of synthetic or non-synthetic oil in gas or diesel engines. Re-treat every maintenance period for best results. Do not use in brake fluid.

Technical Data Sheet