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April 07, 2022

The very first member of Team Tripak is Tim Jones, a monster truck driver from Missouri. Tim has been an awesome sponsee and we love working with him! He owns and drives the trucks Twisted Addiction and Tailgator. 

Tim Jones Twisted Addiction Monster Truck

Here's how Cecil, our sales representative, met Tim:

"I met Timothy Jones at a Monster Truck show in Shawnee, Oklahoma in 2019. I saw a monster truck setting at the local Yamaha shop here. I pulled in and went in to buy tickets. As we were walking up front, I asked if I could buy tickets with my debit card. The employee there said no. The person walking behind us said he did. The monster truck was his. We walked out to his truck and he introduced himself as Darrin Migues and his truck Nitro Menace. As we talked, I asked him if he took product sponsorship. He stated he loved product sponsorship and I proceeded to tell him about the Tripak products. He told me to come see him after the show.

I met up with him after the show and continued our conversation. He pointed to another truck and told me I needed to go talk to him. It was Tim. We talked and he told me that he would be in Ardmore, Oklahoma in a month or two and for me to bring some product.

At Ardmore, I brought a friction test machine to demonstrate the Anti-Friction Metal Treatment. His eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped when I took the scale to 25 pounds. Then when I did it again without the pan, he couldn’t believe it. He said he definitely wanted the product for his truck. He told me the planetary gear cost more to replace than the motor itself, so, he definitely wanted it there.

I see Darrin from time to time, and he tells me he hasn’t forgotten me. He now runs in Monster Jam with his daughter in Jail Bird."

- Cecil Hickman

Tim Jones Twisted Addiction Monster Truck

Cecil Hickman, Tripak Rep, with Tim Jones


Tim's favourite Tripak Super Lubricants products are the Anti-Friction Metal Treatment for the engine, the Megalube-S Grease, and the LDL 2 Industrial Penetrating Lubricant. This video is a great interview with Tim, telling us a bit about himself and how he uses Tripak! 

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Tim Jones for his ongoing support!

Tim Jones Twisted Addiction Monster Truck

Tim Jones Tailgator Monster Truck