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March 30, 2022

The Tripak team met Eric Shelton in 2019. Victor, our sales representative, was working in Atlanta, Georgia and was contacting people looking for someone to dyno test the Tripak AFMT in a motor. After talking to Eric, he agreed to run the test. Eric is a pro-stock drag racer and has won at least two Wally trophies that he displays in his office.

His first test was on his own motor. A 452-Mopar street motor. He gained 3.2 horsepower when he added the Tripak AFMT. His statement was, “Racers spend thousands of dollars to gain one horsepower and here for $33.00 you gave me three horsepower!” 

- Cecil Hickman, Tripak Sales Representative



Dyno Test #1

Tested a 505ci Big block Mopar street (pump gas) EFI (Holley sniper) engine.

10.5:1 compression, aluminum heads (CNC ported) 93 octane pump gas, solid roller, 1.6 rockers

Baseline Pull #8: 597.0 HP / 620.3 tq

Dropped 32 oz oil

Added 32 oz Tripak AFMT

Ran motor for 5 minutes off idle

Sat for 10 minutes

Pull #9: 599.8hp (+2.8HP) 625.0 tq (+4.7TQ)

"5 foot pounds of torque is significant to me. The Tripak is doing something that makes a difference. Any performance gain plus the knowledge of better lubrication of metal parts is assuring."

- Eric Shelton

Tripak Super Lubricants Dyno test



Dyno Test #2

511 CI Big Block Mopar Race NOS motor (NOS not sprayed in this test)

NOS cam, NOS ring gaps, 12:1:1 compression.

Test run from 3500 - 6600

Pull #14 - baseline: 707.1 hp / 606.6 tq

Dropped 1000 ml of oil (32 ounces)

Added 1000 ml of Tripak AFMT (32 ounces)

Let run for 5 minutes

Let sit for 30 minutes

Started motor and ran until prior test temps

Pull #15 with Tripak AFMT: 719.1 hp / 612.2 tq

Picked up +12 hp & +5.6 tq

"The motor could still be breaking in (rings sealing) which will increase HP. I am supposed to do 2 baseline test (and get the same result) then add the Tripak. Nevertheless, all I did was add the Tripak and no other changes. For my next motor, I would like to do the same thing (2 bottles) of Tripak and let it sit in the motor longer. I needed to quit while I was ahead on this motor."

- Eric Shelton

Tripak Super Lubricants Dyno Test



Photos of Eric Shelton's Dyno tests with Tripak Super Lubricant Anti-Friction Metal Treatment.

Tripak Super Lubricants Dyno Test Shelton Racing

Tripak Super Lubricants Dyno Test Shelton Racing

Tripak Super Lubricants Dyno Test Shelton Racing